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We will provide cost effective formula in order to satisfy your requirements. The fee is based on the following criteria: 1) Complexity of the search assignment, 2) Time and resources required for the search. The fee will include all research costs as mentioned above. One third of the fee will be invoiced on the date we receive your agreement to start; the second third 30 days later; and the final third thirty days thereafter.

Thes fee is fixed and will provide our services until the assignment reaches a satisfactory conclusion. Fees are usually significantly lower than our competitors', while our services remain of the highest standards and professionalism.

Directly applicable out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel, accommodation, long distance telephone calls, outside location interviewing, advertising, courier, and other agreed expenses, are invoiced at cost and as they occur. Major expenses must first be approved by you.

Should you, for any reason, wish to halt the search at any time, only the next due search fee payment will be required plus expenses incurred to the date of cancellation.


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