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We are closely connected with a broad spectrum of Canadian industry.ﵲ search process includes the identification and attraction of a wide range of qualified candidates. We then provide a thorough and professional assessment of those candidates who are identified for review. Our task is to identify and evaluate those candidates who will best meet your specific requirements.

We have an excellent track record of successfully recruiting rare talent in industry.

We are very knowledgeable of the source markets for specific candidates.

We have over twenty years of industry contacts. This is an excellent base to commence any assignment. In addition, we have access to over twenty thousand individuals in our computerized database.

Consultants and researchers are thoroughly seasoned professionals who are able to source, evaluate and screen for the best candidates.

Our evaluation and screening techniques will provide you with a more time efficient interview schedule.

Given our consultants' excellent track record, we will project the right image of your organization to the potential candidates we approach.

TSC has a high level of comfort with a wide range of search parameters, therefore we will produce results efficiently and professionally.

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